New Huddle Room Package Eases Real-Time Videoconferencing Collaboration

Altia Systems has introduced a new “huddle room solution” that aims to provide the technology to make communication between teachers and students in remote locations easier.

Story by The Journal / Michael Hart

The PanaCast 2 Huddle Room Solution allows the smooth communication from a remote location that its developers say make collaboration more effective and productive — and, with a starting price under $1,500, more cost-effective. With a camera that creates a 180-degree wide and 54-degree tall field of view, it is designed to solve some of the problems with real-time video and web collaboration such as narrow field of view, low resolution and slow mechanical operation.

The PanCast 2 Huddle Room Solution has four plug-and-play components:

  • A PanaCast 2 video camera with 3,840 X 1,080 resolution;
  • An Intel NUC or Compute Stick PC;
  • USB speakerphone; and
  • A wireless keyboard that can be used with a video display.


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