Next-gen UC to Showcase Asynchronous Messaging


Story by Chris Talbot

Although the death of unified communications is greatly exaggerated, as we wrote about a few weeks ago, there’s the belief that unified communications is about to hit an evolutionary stage where it will become a little more unified and a little less integrated.

No Jitter writer Dave Michels yesterday made the comparison of modern unified communications to the old Pony Express. The riders are doing their job, but they’re passing signs of what is to come. And according to Michels, the next phase of unified communications (or whatever the marketers will dub the next iteration) will fix some of the pain points we just haven’t been able to shake with the development of unified communications and collaboration solutions.

Email, as much as you may love it or hate it, doesn’t really fit within the overall UC&C integration. It continues to be the dominant form of digital communications, but unified? Not so much. Some are trying to integrate into email, such as RingCentral and its recent integration with Gmail, but most integrations with email are simply pushing data from a UC&C technology to the inbox rather than actually working with it.


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