Nortel — Five Years On


Story by Andrew Prokop

Five years after Avaya’s acquisition, enterprises still have options for upgrading their Nortel communications infrastructure.

We have all experienced this: You read or hear about something that occurred years ago and your immediate reaction is one of utter surprise. “What do you mean that happened in 2009? I could have sworn it was only last year.”

I call it the “Michael Jackson Syndrome.” Michael Jackson has been dead for more than five years, but we remember the tragic event as if it was yesterday. Soon, we will be saying the same about Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and other celebrities who have recently passed on. Their deaths will exist in an alternate time.

We experience the Michael Jackson Syndrome here in the world of communications, too. For instance, Avaya completed the acquisition of Nortel Enterprise on Dec. 18, 2009. That’s right. Nortel ceased to exist in the very same year as did the Prince of Pop. And also like the Gloved One’s departure, the transition from blue to red seems like it was only yesterday.

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