Nureva HDL410 System Named a 2024 Inavation Awards Finalist

By Shari-Lynn Sare
Nureva HDL410 system named a 2024 Inavation Awards finalist

System’s next-generation Microphone Mist™ technology makes remote communication and collaboration easy and cost-effective in extra-large spaces

November 1, 2023, Calgary, Alberta — Nureva Inc., an innovator in advanced audio conferencing solutions, announces that its HDL410 audio conferencing system is a finalist for the prestigious Inavation Awards in the Communication and Collaboration (AV Capture Device) category. At the heart of the Nureva® HDL410 system is the company’s multi-patented Microphone Mist technology. This groundbreaking innovation fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones, ensuring full-room audio pickup in larger meeting rooms and classrooms. The system’s unique unified coverage map for extra-large spaces, a first in the industry, enables the physical mics from the system’s two microphone and speaker bars to be processed together instead of separately, creating a single, giant microphone array that spans the entire room. Each virtual microphone is targeted with greater precision, resulting in clearer, more consistent audio.

Nureva® HDL410 audio conferencing system shown in an extra-large meeting room

Designed to meet the growing demand for simplicity and scalability, the HDL410 delivers next-level audio performance in extra-large Microsoft® Teams Rooms and similar spaces without the cost and complexity of traditional pro AV systems. It uses just two wall-mounted microphone and speaker bars and a small connect module to deliver pro AV performance in working and learning spaces up to 35′ x 55′ (10.7 x 16.8 m). This reflects Nureva’s IT-first approach to the design of intelligent products that deliver on the need to quickly and cost-effectively enable remote collaboration across an organization. The Inavation Awards recognize outstanding achievements in the AV industry, highlighting cutting-edge innovations in audio solutions, video processing, control systems and display technologies, among others. Nureva’s HDL410 system is one of the eight contenders in the Communication and Collaboration (AV Capture Device) category, and according to award organizers, the honor of being shortlisted speaks volumes about the product’s excellence. The award organizers said the judges were “truly impressed by the creativity, quality and impact” demonstrated by Nureva’s submission. The awards ceremony will take place during Integrated Systems Europe on January 30, 2024, at MNAC, Barcelona, where the winners will be announced and celebrated.

“We are delighted that our HDL410 system has been recognized as a finalist for this year’s Inavation Awards, spotlighting its unique approach to microphone pickup in extra-large Microsoft Teams Rooms and similar spaces,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “Given the challenges that IT professionals navigate when outfitting such large spaces, we think the HDL410 system offers the performance, simplicity and scalability they’ve been waiting for.”


Download an image of Nureva’s HDL410 audio conferencing system.

About Nureva

Nureva Inc. is a technology-rich private company that makes it refreshingly easy for IT teams to equip meeting and learning spaces with great audio. Every Nureva system is powered by the company’s patented Microphone Mist technology, which fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones so voices are picked up everywhere, no matter where people sit, move or face. The technology also features continuous autocalibration, noise reduction, position-based gain control and simultaneous processing, providing remote participants with a clear, reliable listening experience. Nureva’s award-winning product line offers a variety of solutions that include the HDL310 and HDL410 audio conferencing systems, which deliver pro AV performance in large and extra-large rooms without the cost and complexity associated with traditional pro AV solutions. A passion for achieving simplicity through deep user understanding drives the company’s product roadmap and the value it creates for its customers. For more information, visit Nureva’s website and follow the company on LinkedIn at Nureva Inc.



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