NVIDIA’s Latest AI Module Can Fix Video Conferencing and Lettuce

The Jetson TX2 is the latest all-in-one computing module for processing artificial intelligence in the field instead of the cloud. Companies are using it to improve video conferencing quality and even help thin fields of lettuce.

Story by Tom Brant, PC Mag

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming everything from self-driving cars to robots that can identify how fresh lettuce is, but their immense processing power requirements have mostly relegated them to data centers with massive banks of CPUs and GPUs.

So a few companies, including NVIDIA, are trying to bring AI processing to the drones, robots, and other devices that can most benefit from them. The graphics company on Tuesday unveiled its latest AI compute module, the Jetson TX2, which is designed to eliminate the need to send massive amounts of AI data to and from the cloud.

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