Oblong Industries Boosts Mezzanine Capabilities With Mezz-In


Oct 5, 2016, Los Angeles, CA – Oblong Industries, Inc., the pioneering developer of spatial, immersive, and gesture-enabled technologies for the new era of collaborative work, today announced the launch of Mezz-In, a new feature that broadens the user experience offered by its immersive visual collaboration solution – Mezzanine.

With Mezz-In, anyone with access to a Web browser, anywhere in the world, can log in and participate in a full-scale  Mezzanine meeting, engaging in the dynamic, multi-input panorama of information being shared by colleagues, in real-time. Mezz-In users can easily contribute relevant content, control presentations, and converse as if they were in the same room.

“At last, collaboration can happen anywhere,” said John Underkoffler, CEO and founder of Oblong. “Now, remote workers can be deeply engaged, via data, video and voice, in an immersive experience of a real-time meeting from outside the conference room.”

Today’s fast-paced working environment means employees often need to work from remote locations. Increasingly, companies that want to attract and retain high-quality talent and enhance overall productivity are offering their staff and contractors the chance to work when and where they want. Mezz-In liberates workers from concerns about physical location, empowering them to contribute fully to the flow of ideas they enjoy when they are conferring and innovating with colleagues face-to-face.

With Mezz-In, teams in the field and distributed subject-matter experts can be immediately connected to HQ with all the information necessary to assess and resolve an issue, significantly shrinking response time from days to minutes. The collaborative capabilities of Mezz-In also significantly reduce the need for travel, meaning businesses can significantly trim expenses — savings that go straight to the bottom-line.

Mezzanine transforms routine meetings and workflows into agile, immersive experiences by making content more visible and accessible in a collaborative setting. We call this Infopresence. Now, through Mezz-In, Infopresence is available to everyone, everywhere.

Oblong’s customers currently include NASA, PwC and IBM, along with other forward-thinking Fortune 500 customers.

The company, founded by MIT Media Lab researcher and award-winning computer scientist John Underkoffler, was recently named a “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s 2016 report on Human-Machine Interface1.

About Oblong Industries
Oblong Industries’ innovative technologies change the way people work, create, and communicate. With roots in more than two decades of research at the MIT Media Lab, Oblong’s flagship product Mezzanine™ is an immersive visual collaboration solution that defines the next era of computing: multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, multi-location. Mezzanine’s groundbreaking Infopresence capabilities multiply the effectiveness of distributed organizations and catalyze new, more effective, more collaborative workflows. Oblong is headquartered in Los Angeles and supplies Mezzanine systems to Fortune 500 enterprise customers and reseller partners.

Learn more at www.oblong.com, and connect via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

1 Gartner “Cool Vendors in Human-Machine Interface, 2016” by Werner Goertz, Annette Zimmermann, Nick Ingelbrecht, April 21, 2016.


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