Omnipresenz Teleports Viewers To Global Locations Via A Human Avatar


Story by Tim Spears

The world’s first social telepresence experience, ‘omnipresenz‘ teleports viewers to discover global locations through an interactive human avatar, in real-time. The technology that is intended to be used as a charity organization, is a collaborative system as it involves the user; those who love adventure and world discovery, the interface; a friendly page, and the avatar; a person willing to be guided by the user to make discoveries together. This ultimate social sightseeing adventure transports the viewer’s eyes, ears, emotions and decisions in order to let them interact with the living environment from anywhere across the globe.

Registered users of ‘omnipresenz’ has an interface similar to a video game and a chat room because of the avatar’s audio and live video stream positioned in the center of the screen, and the request action screens on the right and left. Viewers can guide the actions of the human in real-time, located in areas of cities around the world, so that the telepresent tourist can see and hear from their point of view. The project is currently being funded by its indiegogo campaign in order to make the system a reality.

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