Online USA Doctors Brings Healthcare to the Masses with New E-Consults

Online USA Doctors announces new E-consults, connecting patients with licensed physicians via the power of the internet.

May 30, 2015, San Diego, CA – One of the pervasive problems plaguing the American public is the lack of local healthcare options available. Often, the ruralness of a location can severely inhibit access to adequate healthcare. For those in rural areas feeling the crunch of a strained healthcare system, or those simply without health insurance or tired of paying high premiums and copays, Online USA Doctors announces new E-consults, connecting patients with licensed physicians via the power of the internet.

E-consults are a natural extension of an evolving healthcare system, connecting patients with licensed doctors regardless of physical location, health insurance, or physician availability. Online USA Doctors always has physicians available for consult.

Electronic consultations (E-consults) and telemedicine are promising approaches to the challenge of improving access to specialty care. Telemedicine is the delivery of health services via remote telecommunications and videoconferencing. E-consults are interactive consultative and diagnostic services, where patients have full access to the range of services provided by traditional in-house doctor visits, including new or altered prescriptions for patients. E-consults offer a rapid, direct, and documented communication pathway for consultation between primary care providers and patients. One of the most beneficial aspects of E-consults is their ability to avert the need for a typically much more expensive in-person visit between doctor and patient. As a result, E-consults have the potential to enable cost-effective and convenient care for patients while improving access to, and coordination of, specialty care across the system. As such, they may offer an appealing new modality for rational appropriation of health care services.

In-office doctor consults, or “Curbside” consultations, are common in the primary care setting; however, these informal consultations are limited in that they require traveling to the physical location of the desired physician. But with evolving technology, telemedicine modalities such as email and videoconferencing are overcoming the limitations of such consults. E-consults, like those provided by Online USA Doctors, are asynchronous and do not require data review. E-consults address many of these limitations. E-consults formalize the consultant role, they occur within a secure and dedicated platform, they allow for proper documentation, and provide both provider and patient with a comfortable and reassuring face when videoconferencing are used.

E-consults can provide the potential for improving the quality of medical care including fewer inappropriate clinic visits, fewer avoidable follow-up visits, and an increase in necessary follow-up visits with e-consult-based versus paper-based referrals. Utilizing telemedicine also has advantages for patients. Videoconferencing is very convenient both in terms of reducing travel time and more prompt scheduling. Compared to the cost of an office visit or trip to an urgent care or emergency facility, expense for a telemedicine consult is dramatically lower.

E-consults are available through Online USA Doctors, a company dedicated to bringing medicine and traditional healthcare into the twenty-first century. An E-consult with Online USA Doctors goes beyond the use of an online symptom checker, an informational website with generic medical information, or an online doctor available to respond to very general questions about health conditions. Online USA Doctors’ E-consults are real doctor/patients visits performed online using the advantages of technology to provide convenient medical care.

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