Opinion: Huddle Rooms and Videoconferencing Are Reshaping Modern Work Environments

A tangible shift in team collaboration spans both software and the tools to do business

Story by Bob O’Donnell, TechSpot

In context: If you had to name two things that best exemplify today’s modern office environments, you’d be hard pressed to come up with better choices than huddle rooms and videoconferences. Together, the two reflect both the different types of physical environments that many people now find themselves working in, as well as the different means by which they communicate with co-workers, customers, and other potential business partners.

Huddle rooms, for those who may not know, are the small meeting rooms or mini conference rooms that many companies have adopted—particularly those organizations with open floor plans—to provide small groups of people (typically 2-6) with an easy, space efficient means for holding meetings. Videoconferences are nothing new, of course, but their frequency has increased dramatically over the last few years, thanks to a combination of ubiquitous camera-equipped notebooks and smartphones, higher quality wireless networks, a younger workforce, and more emphasis on collaborative efforts within and across companies.

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