OVCC Announces Video Calls on Demand


Story by Robbie Pleasant

The Open Visual Communications Consortium’s (OVCC) latest network service definition allows business video users to make secure video calls without the need to schedule them in advance, providing access to high quality and secure calls with greater convenience and ease.

OVCC service users can join by dialing in to a video call just as they would an audio conference. Given that OVCC’s membership includes service providers around the world, this means that soon, business video calls will be easier to create and join as soon as they are needed, regardless of who and where the calls are coming from. This saves valuable time, accelerating communication and efficiency; after all, those who can react and respond the fastest have a valuable advantage in business environments.

“Video conferencing has slowly evolved over the past 25 years,” says Jim Burton of UCStrategies. “The pace is now accelerating with the work the OVCC has contributed to the industry over the past few years.”

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