OVCC Service Users Can Now Make Video Calls On Demand

Telefónica joins list of OVCC compliant service providers
Business video users can make secure video calls without advanced scheduling, increasing the ease and everyday value of video calls. The latest Open Visual Communications Consortium service definition removes user-identified barriers to video use while delivering the highest video quality and security to enterprises.

“Eliminating 24-hour scheduling requirements makes it easier for business users to make spontaneous video calls, enriching communication effectiveness and strengthening relationships in both routine and critical circumstances.”

“On-demand video service is a game-changer for adopting video into daily processes,” said Andrew McFadzen, OVCC president. “Eliminating 24-hour scheduling requirements makes it easier for business users to make spontaneous video calls, enriching communication effectiveness and strengthening relationships in both routine and critical circumstances.”

IT department requirements for increased and unscheduled video calls are addressed in this expanded OVCC service definition with capacity management capabilities and support scenarios for content sharing and encryption.

OVCC compliant services assure secure network transport through the use of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) virtual private networks and the support of encryption to provide enterprise-level security. Removing IT barriers to video services is expected to increase the pace of adoption and use.

New OVCC Compliant Service Provider
Telefónica is the latest OVCC member to achieve OVCC service compliance. The European-based service provider’s compliance ensures its users will experience consistently outstanding visual and collaborative communications inside and outside of company and network boundaries.

Telefónica joins OVCC compliant service providers AT&T, BCS Global, BT and OBS in offering OVCC compliant services and in rolling out future OVCC services.

OVCC members met in Colorado last week to outline OVCC services expansion, including point-to-point calling and a dial plan for direct video dialing between enterprises, taking the first steps toward federated, video-enabled unified communication and collaboration.

Point-to-point video communication across multiple networks and equipment is a key capability in delivering unified communication services, which are increasingly paired with hosted video services. Mirroring the market trend to bundle video and UC services, OVCC members will include video-enabled UC services in OVCC Release 3.0 via the high-quality, point-to-point OVCC data path.

OVCC Best Practices
The OVCC membership’s collective market strength and expertise has created a de facto center of excellence that drives OVCC best practices for business and interoperability used in OVCC business agreements and specifications. The organization will formalize its collective expertise and best practices in an expanded website resource for OVCC service providers and video and UC enterprise users, including both IT departments and end users. A business-to-business OVCC market survey earlier this year identified IT professionals and end users require assured security and reliability and easier business processes to adopt video use on a broad scale.

OVCC Membership
OVCC technical specifications and business blueprints continue to build value for OVCC members. OVCC expansion into UC services will make OVCC specifications and blueprints important to UC service providers as well. OVCC membership features three levels with associated benefits, including tiered membership pricing based on company size for the OVCC Participant level to accommodate industry companies of all sizes.

About OVCC
Open Visual Communications Consortium is a group of global video exchange providers, network providers and equipment manufacturers that have united to expand video communications and simplify video calls. OVCC members will create multi-vendor, multi-network specifications offering a technical blueprint and business model to support the full spectrum of video systems, from immersive telepresence and room-based systems, to high definition and standard definition, and from desktop clients to mobile devices. Join the OVCC by visiting us at ovcc.net and subscribe to the OVCC interest list for updates and news on OVCC activities and opportunities.

Open Visual Communications Consortium is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

OVCC is a trademark or registered trademark of the Open Visual Communications Consortium in the United States, other countries or both. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

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