Owl Labs Announces Distribution Agreement with Starin


October 16, 2017, Boston, MA – Owl Labs, creator of the Meeting Owl 360° intelligent video conferencing camera, today announces its partnership with Starin to expand its customer base across North America. Starin specializes in the market development of digital communication solutions and thus was an ideal partner for Owl Labs’ innovative conferencing technology.

The Meeting Owl is the first all-in-one, intelligent 360° video conferencing camera. Far too often, remote meeting attendees struggle to engage and follow the conversation when meeting remotely with an onsite team. Companies are bringing the Meeting Owl to their conference rooms to provide their remote counterparts a meeting experience that nearly feels like sitting in the room.

“The Meeting Owl is the best immersive conferencing tool we’ve seen,” said Greg Raiz, CEO, and Cofounder of Raizlabs and an original user of the product. “The Meeting Owl improved our cross-coastal communications and brought us a significant step closer to the face-to-face experience.”

The Meeting Owl has 360° audio and video, and it uses robotics to intelligently display the most important parts of the meeting to remote participants. Specifically, it shows a full panorama of the room and uses audio and visual cues to automatically focus the camera on the active speakers during a conversation. The Meeting Owl thus better captures body language and facial expressions so remote attendees can easily interact and follow the conversation.

Owl Labs cares deeply for the remote employee, and recently conducted a study to understand remote work’s impact on hiring, management and retention. The report found that organizations that support remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t. With this in mind, Owl Labs encourages organizations to invest in technology that supports their remote teammates’ success and ability to be effective the same way companies already support their on site employees.

“We are incredibly proud of the opportunity to work with Starin to scale our North America expansion efforts,” said Max Makeev, CEO of Owl Labs. “We are approaching the world of video conferencing, remote work and collaboration a bit differently than other players, and it was essential we worked with a partner that shared that innovative mindset.”

“Recent years in the communications channels have seen a shift in meeting technologies, with runaway success stories in product lines that focused on the end-user experience,” stated Bobby Swartz, Director of Marketing at Starin. He continued, “It is exciting to work with a team that takes the user experience as the pinnacle of product design, and in doing so has created industry-first technologies that solve real-world problems in simple but elegant ways. The A/V channel will see a groundswell of new solutions and customers coming from this unique product launch.”

About Owl Labs

Owl Labs is a video conferencing hardware company creating a new IoT product for the conference room that puts the remote employee’s experience first. With more and more people going remote, teams need better technology to meet and stay connected to their distributed teammates. Owl Labs’ products will set a new standard for the remote meeting experience. Learn more about the company at www.owllabs.com.


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