Perceived vs Real Obstacles to Videoconferencing


Story by Leslie T. O’Neill

Advances in communications technologies and global market circumstances have made videoconferencing a rock star solution in recent years. CIOs looking for ways to trim their operations budget like videoconferencing because it can eliminate travel expenses for most employees. CEOs like it because it enables people to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, partners and clients. According to recent research from Framingham, MA-based IDC, the enterprise videoconferencing and telepresence market is one of the fastest growing networking technologies. Yet, videoconferencing isn’t a slam dunk for everyone, especially with CTOs who tried buggy, laggy and grainy early editions of the technology.

“Most obstacles to videoconferencing are perceived obstacles. It’s about perception,” says Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research in Boston, Mass.

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