Pexip Backs Conferencing, WebRTC Harder with Infinity Version 7


Story by Steve Anderson

When it comes to scalable meeting platforms, one of the first places to look is in Pexip’s direction. Its Infinity system has proven to be a powerful tool for many businesses, but with the release of Infinity 7, Pexip has made an already potent system even more so with new features and strong support for Web-based real time communications (WebRTC).

Pexip Infinity 7, at last report, builds on many of the features that made the earlier versions of Infinity so very useful; now, both Microsoft Lync users and legacy video system users get some extras in here in pursuit of a better overall user experience. Ease of use also got a nudge upward in the form of Infinity Connect software clients, along with better access options for those who get involved in connections over Infinity 7.

Infinity 7 also got some modifications in terms of how it handles video, using not only media-over-TCP technology—which by and large is generally considered friendlier in dealing with firewalls, making for a better experience because the security users are counting on isn’t getting in the way—but also by adding drag-and-drop functionality to help legacy users get on the same page when using Lync Meetings. Also included are firewall traversal features that allow for deployment behind NAT firewalls, support for media latching, and an automatic media overflow system.

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