Pexip Infinity 7 Now Available

New Features Make Conferencing More Accessible and More Intuitive
October 27, 2014 – Conferences including both Lync and standards-based video are now more intuitive to use than ever before. With improved user experiences. Just like you would expect from Pexip.

And, video conferencing just got a lot more accessible too – thanks to new deployment features and Pexip VMR clients.

Pexip Infinity 7 features include:

Microsoft C3P support. With support for Microsoft’s native protocol, Pexip Infinity now enables simple drag-and-drop functionality for adding standard H.323/SIP endpoints to Lync conferences, initiation of point-to-point calls from Lync to standards-based endpoints, and full cross-platform roster lists in conferences that span the Lync AV-MCU and Pexip Infinity. See how this works (video) >>

Bi-directional dual-stream content sharing. An industry first from Pexip, this feature simply enables all participants in mixed conferences to see both shared content and other users simultaneously. With traditional solutions, this is not an option (technology preview – see notes). See how this works (video) >>

Full Lync gateway. Pexip Infinity acts as a gateway between Lync and standards-based endpoints.

Extended web browser support. Adding support for VMR connectivity via Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Opera browsers to the list of already supported browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (technology preview – see notes).

Location overflow automation. Automatically connects new participants to other locations and available Conferencing Nodes if media capacity is reached at the current location, without affecting the user experience.

Media over TCP. Greatly improving connectivity through strict firewalls for ICE clients such as Lync and the Pexip Infinity Connect. TCP media uses the same port as that used for sharing of RDP content (standard Lync sharing).

Firewall traversal support. Deploy conferencing nodes in a public DMZ: Enables deployment of privately-addressed Conferencing Nodes behind NAT firewalls, allowing external parties to connect directly via a public address.

Localization additions. The Pexip Infinity web interface can now be displayed in Russian in addition to Simplified Chinese and English.

Support for full 1080p HD. Enables resolutions up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) at up to 30 fps (technology preview – see notes).

Adding default themes. If you have not selected a theme or custom branding for a service, you can use the default theme to apply automatically.

Improved media resilience. Better network and error resilience between locations and towards Chrome.

Pexip Infinity 7 holds many more additions and updates. Read the full release notes to see all new features and benefits:

What is a technology preview feature?
Features marked technology preview are features that are included in the Pexip Infinity platform, but are switched off by default from the administration side. To utilize these features, they must be manually enabled by a system administrator.

How do I get this new functionality?
Because Pexip Infinity is a software platform, and consumed on a subscription basis, upgrades are free for existing users. If you are not already using Pexip Infinity, it is easy to sign up for a non-committing test drive:

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