Pexip® Infinity 9 Breaks New Ground in Enterprise Communications – Sees Tremendous Uptake


New Release of Award-Winning Meeting Platform Adds 30 New Features and Sees 55% Uptake in Just 10 Days

April 30, 2015: OSLO, Norway — Pexip®, a leading innovator in scalable, distributed videoconferencing software, recently made available Pexip Infinity 9, the latest version of the company’s award-winning scalable meeting platform. Infinity 9 introduces more than 30 new and innovative features across user experience, platform enhancement, and administration areas. In just 10 days from its release, more than 55% of customers have already upgraded to the new version, the fastest uptake ever.

New functionality in the platform includes such features as entirely new group chat possibilities, outbound media for streaming and recording capabilities using industry standard solutions and channels, and a host of enhancements that optimize the platform’s usability, administration, and ease of use.

“With an annual run rate of more than 50 million minutes being clocked on our platform after just six quarters in business, Pexip Infinity has become one of the most trusted and fastest growing visual communications tools available,” said Simen Teigre, CEO and Co-founder of Pexip. “With Infinity 9, we see a huge number of our customers upgrading just days after the release, which is very exciting. This not only demonstrates how quick and easy it is to upgrade, but also that our customers trust and know our product to be reliable and offer heaps of new functionality for each new release.”

According to reported usage data, more than 55% of its user base has already upgraded to Infinity 9, just 10 days after becoming available. Customer administrators are asked if they want to be part of a product improvement program. Reported usage helps Pexip in its product development process, and to further optimize its Infinity platform to user requirements.

Available now, Pexip Infinity 9 adds more than 30 platform and user experience enhancements, including the ability for users to engage in extended functionality group chats from a variety of clients such as Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, and browser-based clients in addition to Pexip’s own Infinity Connect suite. Infinity’s group chat introduces all-new media preview and inline content sharing. Infinity has also been revamped to provide users with a completely redesigned modern interface that improves workflows for browser-based conference participants. A new feature unique to Pexip Infinity is that of simple drag and drop PDF and image content sharing in Internet Explorer and Safari without the use of installable plugins.

In addition, conference hosts gain the ability to quickly and easily manage entire conferences and its participants, and through an all-new feature – manage who has access to the Virtual Meeting Room without the use of PIN codes. New in Infinity 9 is also the addition of outbound media for streaming and recording capabilities. Infinity 9 lets users send video directly to YouTube, Microsoft Azure, VBrick, Wowza, and other enterprise or public CDN services.

On the platform enhancement side, Infinity 9 enables call policy decisions to be made by external systems. Additional Microsoft Lync integration enhancements include features such as per-location Lync MSSIP domains, direct gateway calls to Lync’s AV-MCU, audio-to-video escalation for audio-only calls, and much more. For administrators, Infinity 9 offers lots of new features that simplify daily usage, as well as setup, deployment and management tasks.

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