Pexip Infinity 9 Delivers Innovative Features and Puts User in Focus

Adds 30 new features and enhancements to industry leading platform
April 16, 2015 – Pexip Infinity 9 focuses on experience – both for the end user and the administrator, by greatly simplifying workflows and management. And, as is expected from Pexip, the platform gets a lot of feature additions too.

With Infinity 9, both the end user and the administrator will benefit from more than 30 new features and enhancements. In addition to interface and design additions and enhancements, Infinity 9 adds several under-the-hood enhancements to make the platform even more versatile for the enterprise.

New user experience features

A great user experience is fundamental to having users engage. Infinity 9 improves the user experience in numerous ways.

Instant Messaging and chat: Infinity adds IM and group chat from a variety of interfaces and clients, such as Lync and Skype for Business, in addition to native support in Pexip’s own Infinity Connect suite.

Extended content sharing possibilities: Using Infinity Connect, it is now possible to share PDF content and images directly from any browser.

Improved workflow and design: The Infinity Connect suite enhances the user experience for browser-based conferencing through a completely redesigned interface, and with improved workflow.

Added conference control possibilities: Simply mute/unmute or disconnect all participants with single operations.

Conference lock and gate keeping: Lock and unlock complete conferences, and selectively allow or reject participants into conferences.

Simplified branding possibilities: It is now simpler than ever to change styles, brands and look and feel for Pexip Infinity Connect suite clients.

Preconfigured themes: Four pre-configured themes that enable/disable entry/exit notifications, and refer to the “#” as “the pound key” or “the hash key”

Audio notifications: Adding audio confirmations for participants’ status, such as joining/leaving a conference and more.

More layout options: Show main speaker only (no thumbnails), or pinning the main speaker to the stage in a Virtual Auditorium™, regardless of who is speaking.

Conference participant status: Indicates if a participant is on hold, or if the participant is a streaming or recording device.

Platform enhancements

Adding features to an already comprehensive platform is no easy task. Infinity 9 innovates and leads the industry in adding unexpected, but highly useful features. 

Outbound media for streaming: Infinity 9 adds outbound media so you can stream directly to YouTube, Microsoft Azure, Vbrick, Wowza and other enterprise or public CDN services, and reach an unlimited amount of users. The stream allows recording.

External policy: Adding an external policy feature allows call policies to be decided by external systems – and for instance decide media placement on a per-call basis. See Pexip Infinity External Policy Deployment Guide.

Further Lync integration enhancements: Lots of new features such as per-location Lync MSSIP domains, direct gateway calls to Lync’s AV-MCU, audio-to-video escalation for Lync audio-only calls, and automatic content resizing if the Lync user only shares an application.

STUN servers: Pexip Infinity 9 can now work with custom STUN servers for Conferencing Nodes and Infinity Connect WebRTC clients. When upgrading, default behavior and saved configurations remain as is.

Adding audio codecs: Added G.719 codec.

Device registration: Endpoint devices can register to Pexip Infinity Conferencing Nodes. Allows Pexip Infinity to route calls without having to go via SIP or rely on DNS.

Location-based call control enhancements: New Distributed Gateway routing rules, and automatically dialed participants based on locations

Administration experience features

User experience is not only for the end user. A scalable meeting platform also has to be managed. Infinity 9 excels at that too.

Backup and restore: It is now easy to backup and restore configurations via the Pexip Infinity administration interface.

Syslog server connection protocol: Allows you to choose protocol to use; UDP, TCP or TLS.

Infinity administration interface improvements: Showing local time zone (logs continue to use UTC), and adding Call Control and Users navigation menus.

Alarm enhancements: Automatically notifies when license is due to expire, or when syslog is inaccessible. You can also view alarms that have since been resolved.

Auto Conferencing Node deployment improvements: Adding the possibility to control VM manager certificates, and resource path selections.

SIP UDP disabled: Off by default to reduce the impact of SIP spam, typically using UDP.

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