Pexip Infinity V13 Introduces Fully Automated Cloud Bursting for its Meeting Platform Infrastructure

The latest version of Pexip Infinity optimizes enterprise unified communications and collaboration infrastructure by enabling fully automated cloud bursting for smart resource management – an industry first.

October 17, 2016, Oslo, Norway – Pexip, a leading innovator in scalable, distributed collaboration software, has announced the release of Infinity V13. The newest version of its collaboration software platform enables fully-automated resource cloud bursting to Amazon Web Services.

Pexip’s award-winning Infinity platform allows organizations of any size to improve work efficiency by simply enabling everyone to benefit from visual communication and collaboration tools. Pexip’s industry-leading platform interoperability seamlessly ties together enterprise communication solutions such as Microsoft® Skype™ for Business, traditional video and telephone conferencing, and web-based communications so that organizations can improve workplace efficiency.

Pexip Infinity is an entirely software-based platform that can deploy in an organization’s  data center, in a public or private cloud or any hybrid combination, and allows for superior resource management, customizability and user adoption.  By distributing media across any number of Virtual Machines, it reduces the amount of network bandwidth consumed while maintaining the native user experience on all connected clients.

Fully Automated Resource Bursting to the Amazon Web Services Cloud

With the growing adoption of enterprise-wide collaboration and conferencing, it’s becoming increasingly complex for IT administrators to plan for sufficient capacity. Enterprises face the challenge of supporting large numbers of users with collaboration tools such as video, audio, and web conferencing.  And as the number of users in an organization increases, so does the demand for resources. 

To address this problem, Pexip Infinity V13 now allows for fully automated Dynamic Hybrid Cloud functionality to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.  Pexip Infinity deployments now have the ability to automatically burst into the AWS cloud when primary conferencing capabilities are reaching their capacity limits, thus providing additional temporary conferencing resources.

This unique industry-first functionality enables an automatic expansion from an on-premise deployment to the AWS cloud service whenever scheduled or unplanned usage requires it. The AWS cloud conferencing resources are only started up when required and are automatically stopped again when capacity demand normalizes, ensuring that AWS costs are minimized.

As organizations are increasingly focusing their IT efforts on shifting from on-premise to cloud-based services and infrastructure, Pexip Infinity provides the best of both worlds with its newly introduced features. Not only does it allow organizations to optimize performance, bandwidth consumption and traffic, but it also simplifies and aligns with the requirements to scale and expand quickly and as demands increase, and in a very cost efficient manner.

This feature provides Pexip’s customers with the ability to leverage the best that cloud hosting has to offer without incurring the heavy costs associated with always-on services.  By allowing companies to manage resources exactly the way they want, Infinity becomes an inherently flexible cornerstone for its users’ UC&C strategies.

Video: Cloud-Bursting and Resource Management in Pexip Infinity

New Adaptive Media Resilience Features in Pexip Infinity 13

Pexip Infinity 13 also introduces adaptive-logic media resilience features that significantly improves poor video quality due to packet loss and bandwidth challenges for Chrome-based WebRTC clients, including Pexip’s own suite of Infinity Connect clients.  Poor quality video as a result of weak bandwidth, network challenges and packet loss can be greatly minimized by applying intelligent logic.
One of the challenges today is to optimize video quality for WebRTC and soft client users. According to Gartner Group, WebRTC usage will increase by as much as 1,500% over the next few years, meaning millions of new users will find themselves communicating using video from their computers and mobile platforms.

By adding adaptive logic in both the Pexip Infinity platform and the Pexip Infinity Connect clients – both for web browsers and installable desktop versions – Infinity v13 can greatly enhance the video experience even when network connectivity is poor.

Video: New Adaptive Media Resilience Logic in Pexip Infinity

Enhanced User Experiences

Additionally, Pexip Infinity v13 adds lots of enhancements to the user experience and allows for greater client customization:

PowerPoint Sharing Across Platforms – This all-new feature enables users that are connected to Skype for Business meetings using a standards-based endpoint, or other non-Skype clients to see PowerPoint® presentations that are shared using Skype’s “Present Powerpoint Files” feature. This ensures that all participants connected to the meeting now can see shared content if a Lync / Skype for Business user presents PowerPoint files.  Yet another industry first.

Redesigned and updated administration interface – With a rapidly growing base of Pexip customers and users, the administration interface has received a full makeover to allow for all task-centric and optimized structures and workflows, as well as making room for new features and additional functionality. Infinity now allows administrators to quickly and simply see the status of the platform, ongoing calls, and utilization at a glance.

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About Pexip
Founded in 2012, Pexip enables enterprises and organizations to provide video-based communications and collaboration tools to all employees.

The company’s meeting platform enables seamless collaboration across incompatible video and audio technologies such as traditional videoconferencing, Microsoft® Skype® for Business and WebRTC. The unique software provides unmatched capacity and interoperability, and can be deployed in an organization’s data center, or in a private or public cloud such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, as well as in any hybrid combination.

Pexip Infinity is used by numerous Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. The technology also powers a large number of the world’s Videoconferencing as a Service (VCaaS) providers. The company was named Global Video Conferencing Technology Innovation Award winner by renowned analysts Frost & Sullivan in 2016.

Pexip is represented on all five continents, and has offices in Oslo, London, Sydney, and New York.

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