Pexip and Logitech Automate Meeting Experiences

Shaving time and trouble off joining meetings makes your day more efficient

June 7, 2016, Norway – As people have more and more complex technology, everyday work environments become more complex too. For the enterprise, this drives the need to simplify processes, keep its employees educated, and make smart everyday solutions to make sure teams perform their best.

At the same time, businesses are expected to perform better, be more productive, and more efficient. The solution to this, many agree, is to drive collaboration between not only same-office personnel, but also across functions and over geographically dispersed locations. The increasing complexity and number of users with access to such technology, however, often results in wasted time and effort, as many are unable to simply join meetings on time, or as desired.

By enabling users to just walk into a meeting room and automatically join a video meeting without manual dialing or intervention, Pexip and Logitech have brought the goal of making meetings productive rather than frustrating within reach.

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Pexip and Logitech have teamed up to make everyday meetings easier to join. Simply touch the Logitech system with your phone, and you are in the meeting before you have time to sit down.

What creates this magic?
With Logitech’s NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled ConferenceCam series, and the Pexip Infinity Connect Mobile application on a compatible phone or handheld device, the experience of joining a meeting can be fully automated. Simply walk in to any meeting room with compatible equipment, put the device next to the NFC sensor, and you are automatically joined into the correct meeting. And in today’s world of video enabled huddle spaces and rooms, you don’t have to book a special meeting room for your meeting.

Any room with the right equipment will do the trick.


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