Pexip Strengthens Strategic Focus on Video Innovation

October 5, 2022, Oslo — Pexip, a leading global video technology company, announces a stronger focus on its strategic business area, video innovation via a video technology platform. This is part of the company’s ambition to enable large organizations to build new solutions, integrate video into workflows, and innovate with Pexip’s Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS).

“We’re here to push the boundaries of video and unlock its full potential for our customers,” says Leighton Hughes, Vice President, Global Business Development – Innovation, Pexip.

“Video innovation is a move that builds on our previous success in enabling customers’ digital workflows. As part of this, we aim to extend our market reach, help customers create new sources of value, and solve transformation challenges with video technology, all while continuing to deliver the best-in-class flexibility and scalability for which we are known,” he adds.

Growth areas for Pexip video innovation

Pexip’s focus on video innovation is underpinned by the company’s organizational structure, which now includes a new business unit with dedicated technical and commercial resources across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. This team is targeting three strategic areas for growth: video-enabled extended reality, healthcare, and customer & citizen engagement.

• Extended reality: enabling frontline workers with video and wearable technology in the field and providing access to experts and critical support.
• Healthcare: bringing video technology to virtual waiting rooms, telehealth solutions, healthcare devices like “exam cams,” and advanced solutions for seminars and therapy sessions.
• Customer & citizen engagement: powering video connections for virtual courtroom hearings, customer contact centers, retail services, banking, and more.

“More and more digital solutions require video, and with our video innovation focus, we are delivering the video platform from which these solutions can be built,” explains Jordan Owens, Vice President, Architecture, Pexip. “Imagine the first responder who can connect to the specialist from the road or the expert who can remedy a problem at a remote job site through wearable technology. Video is changing how we approach digital transformation, and our job is to help our partners and customers achieve even more with our technology inside.”

Pexip’s video technology is ready to go everywhere

Pexip takes a partnership approach to Video Innovation, offering video technology integration, reseller agreements, strategic alliances, as well as shared offerings and collaboration opportunities. Pexip has been delivering video technology solutions to the world for nearly a decade and is known for its enablement of secure collaboration across systems, platforms, and external partners. Key features:

• Open: Pexip is built as a platform, enabling customers to create solutions for their processes.
• Extendable: Pexip integrates easily with third parties to ensure a seamless user experience.
• Trusted: Pexip prioritizes security at every step of development, and its solutions adhere to the strictest security standards in the world and have been accredited accordingly.

Pexip Marketplace coming soon

As part of its Video Innovation focus, Pexip plans to launch its own marketplace for partner solutions and offerings in Q4 2022. Here, customers can browse applications built with Pexip and access developer resources, including the API library, plugins, a community forum, and more.

Find out more information on Pexip’s video technology platform.

About Pexip |
Pexip is a video communication platform that empowers large enterprises and public sector organizations to transform their interactions with video. Pexip’s unique core technology provides simplified collaboration for connected spaces, privacy and business continuity for secure spaces, and customized connections for innovative applications of video. The solution is sold through more than 300 channel partners in 75 countries and used in 190 countries. Pexip was listed on the Oslo stock exchange in May 2020.


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