R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates Now Using TrueConf Server for VC in the USA

R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates is an award-winning cultural resource management group providing advisory services and expert analysis for complex, interdisciplinary land-based projects in the United States. They have implemented TrueConf Server to provide easy and efficient communication between company offices, to facilitate staff training, and to reduce costs.
December 10, 2014 – R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates serves clients in the American energy, resource management, military and government sectors, including the US Federal Government. They offer a full range of services to balance cultural stewardship with modern developments and advancements which are designed to meet federal, state, and local compliance requirements.
Specialists in local offices work throughout the US, as well as in a number of foreign countries. To improve the interaction between the staff and to speed up decision-making, company management decided to use video conferencing. However, the company did not want to invest in costly MCU infrastructure and wanted a secure, high resolution-capable solution which could use their existing hardware for video conferencing: laptops, smartphones and tablets.
According to Rafael Omar Lemus, IT director of R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, TrueConf Server meets all their requirements. “TrueConf is an affordable full-featured solution for video conferencing, which has ensured and will ensure better cooperation between employees from different offices in the United States. Installing and configuring the TrueConf system was very easy and understandable. The video and audio quality is beyond praise, and collaboration tools are incredibly useful. We strongly recommend that you use this solution.”
TrueConf Server works within a private network and on different operating systems, is secure, provides all necessary collaboration tools, and is easy to scale, which means the system can be expanded according to the needs of the corporation.
R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates management will train staff to use their new system so that they can hold virtual meetings, improving collaboration between employees in different offices and reducing travel expenses.
“We are proud that a company with such a history and a unique range of tasks in the field of cultural heritage preservation has become our customer,” says Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO. “I’m pleased to note that despite the conservation inherent in its scope of activities, R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates decisively choose the most advanced technologies, including in the sector of unified communications. We hope that the implementation of TrueConf Server will help R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates streamline business processes and improve communication between branches.”
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