Reconciliation draws closer for Skype-like chat on the Web


Story by Stephen Shankland

The future of Skype-like communications on the Web appears more secure with reconciliation in a standards debate that pitted Microsoft against Google and Mozilla.

On Tuesday, authors of a Web technology called Object Real-Time Communications (ORTC) published a draft of their specification they believe to be mature enough to be built into browsers. Microsoft has long been an ORTC fan, so its support is no surprise. But Google, which backed a rival technology called WebRTC, is also an ORTC co-author that helped create the new technology.

Microsoft announced the new ORTC draft Tuesday. Google and Mozilla declined to comment, but at the Google I/O developer show in June, Chrome team member Justin Uberti said he sees an ORTC-infused WebRTC essentially as WebRTC 1.1.

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