Regarding UC’s Future: Toss Out What You’ve Known


Story by Dave Michels

As the unified communications industry continues to transform, all that was predictable is now in flux. Here are eight examples.

I’ve given up on year-end forecasts because this darn industry moves at a crawl. Consider that I incorrectly predicted HD desktop video for years. The technology did arrive, but so slowly that I find pinpointing an actual “when” hard to do.

I can’t blame the vendors; they’re moving quickly and delivering plenty of innovation. But customers take decades to get on board. Glaciers recede faster. So instead of making predictions, I’ll simply pontificate on the future of communications.

The industry is undergoing phenomenal, unprecedented and extraordinary change. Twenty years ago, vendors competed on speeds and feeds. Imitations happened more than innovation, and declaring a leader was as fruitless as announcing varsity leapfrog.

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