Remote Coaching: The Next Frontier for the Fitness Industry


A new spin on personal training has taken the fitness and wellness industry by storm. An emerging trend known as Remote Coaching has opened new doors for personal trainers. By using online tools such as video, messaging apps, and email, trainers can coach clients efficiently over long distances. When you can train with anyone in the world, the sky’s the limit when it comes to building a client base.

I personally use remote coaching for my training as a competitive powerlifter and I absolutely love it. When I first started in the sport two years ago, I had a coach that I worked with at the gym. I had the benefit of having someone there to spot me on heavy lifts and watch my form, but I also had to go by their schedule. Also, once my time was up, that was it for the day.

One day, I was approached by a friend that I met in the powerlifting community on social media. I was asked to come train with their coach. I knew this coach was a legend in the sport and if I were to train with him, I would get world-class training and be one step closer to my goals of being a champion. The problem was that he was in Georgia and I am in Washington, D.C. I had so many questions, but I also knew it was worth the risk. Without really knowing how this was going to work, I dove right in and I signed up. My job was to find a gym with the equipment that I need for my lifts and check in during the week with my coach.

Surprisingly, remote coaching was more organized than I imagined. It did not take that much time to get used to recording my sessions and upload them. Every week, I receive a shared spreadsheet. Both my coach and I can make edits on the fly to my customized training routine for that week. I follow what is written out for me and record my top working sets for my coach to review. For example, this is me working a “time under tension” technique with a 420 lbs deadlift for reps. Yes, I am freakishly strong.

We use the Facebook messenger app to keep a thread of all of the discussions and videos of my training. There have been several instances where I had a question on technique or form and my coach was available on the messenger app. Within minutes, I got a video of him properly demonstrating the correct form or technique. I get coaching from him in real time, even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other.

Remote coaching offers freedom and flexibility, for both the coach and the client. I am no longer bound to someone else’s watch. I do my training whenever it’s convenient for me. The instruction and feedback is more detailed than in person coaching, due to the fact that each set is recorded at specific angles. The coach can replay and thoroughly analyze everything that’s happening during the exercise movement. Both parties also have the ability to be more selective with whom they choose to work with. The coach can set a criteria for their clientele. The client can choose to work with the right coach for them, regardless of distance.

Here at LDV, we are always very excited to see how others are using video to enhance their business and productivity. This was a great example that I wanted to share with our readers. It is a good reminder that no matter how big or small a business idea is, using video can open many doors full of opportunities!


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