Robotic Telepresence to Replace Skype


Story by Deccan Chronicle
Mumbai: Skype and video conferencing will soon be overtaken by robot telepresence by mid-2015 in an exciting breakthrough made by A-SET Training & Research Institute, New Delhi.

It will enable an industrialist for instance, sitting in Mumbai, to see what exactly is happening in all his offices abroad, said Diwakar Vaish, head, robotics & research at A-SET. The family owned business is the largest investor in robotics in India.

In Skype or video conferencing that is in use presently, you can only see what the stationary camera shows you. But in this, the robot is mobile and can take commands and this is all visible on a smart phone.
“The robot will cost around Rs 50,000, akin to the price of a smart phone. Any businessman can afford it. It is still in design mode and we are currently testing the feasibility and aesthetics,” Mr Vaish said.

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