Saelig Introduces Economical Telepresence Robot


Remote-controlled mobile device uses an iPad to create a physical presence at a remote location.

August 03, 2014, Fairport, NY — Saelig Company Inc. announces the availability of the Double Telepresence Robot. The Double is a self-balancing mobile robot that can navigate around – and send video and audio – from a remote location, controlled from anywhere in the world via the Internet. A remote operator can navigate Double using an app to control movement around an office or other location. Designed to work with almost any iPad (not included), it uses the built in front-facing camera to allow face-to-face interaction with other personnel at any time by moving on self-balanced axle wheels with a motorized iPad height adjustment of 47” to 59”. The Double can be remotely operated via any iOS® device or a web browser, allowing movement even while on a two-way video call. Double Robotics’ Double Telepresence Robot transforms telecommuting by allowing a significantly deeper level of interaction with other remote team members. That’s because Double takes all the great aspects of video calls via an iPad and places them on a mobile base that puts the remote worker in control.

The lightweight, modular-designed Double also includes a wide-angle conversion lens to widen the field of view when using the iPad’s built-in front-facing camera. A clever back mirror enables the rear-facing camera to look down at the Double’s base – useful for avoiding obstacles. Dual retractable kickstands automatically deploy to conserve power when it is not moving. Efficient motors and lightweight design give Double the ability to last all day without recharging the internal lithium battery.

There are two wheels at either end of the Double’s cylindrical base, with a single metal tube extending upwards and terminating at the iPad cradle. A front-mounted LED indicates charging or pairing status. On the back are a power port for the included AC adapter and a single button for powering the device on/off or triggering pairing. Using the Double requires one iPad for robotic-mounting and either another iOS device (iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads supported) or a computer with the Chrome browser and special Double extension installed. This second device serves as the controller for the Double, directing movement and transmitting audio and video from remote locations. Setup of the base unit with the onboard iPad is easy via Bluetooth pairing, the application uses standard encryption WebRTC video via 128-bit AES OpenTok. Remote communication with the Double is via WiFi or the iPad’s cellular connection.

The Double is the simplest, most elegant way to be somewhere else in the world without traveling there. The minimalist design and intuitive touchscreen controls allow free movement around a remote location without inconveniencing others. It can be configured at eye level, whether sitting or standing, by adjusting the central pole height remotely, making interactive conversations fluid and real, and simulating a physical presence that is more effective than traditional videoconferencing. The Double won’t allow movement when it is plugged in for recharging – a useful safety feature.

Telecommuting is on the rise, and its potential benefits have been well documented, but there are few substitutes for person-to-person face time. The Double combines the flexibility of telecommuting with the benefits of personal face time. It also enables students who cannot attend classes to enter in to the education experience interactively. The Double Telepresence robot gives a physical presence at work or school when it is impossible to be there in-person. If a highly valued employee relocates to a distant location, the Double offers a creative way to retain the employee and keep productivity high.

Compact in size (10” x 8.5” x 47 to 59”) and lightweight (14lb), the Double is the most economical telepresence robot available. It is made in the USA by Double Robotics, and is available now from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY.

Contact Info:
Saelig Co. Inc.
Alan Lowne
71 Perinton Parkway
Fairport, NY 14450 USA


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