Say Cheese! The Past and Future of the Videoconference Room Camera


The importance of understanding where room-based videoconferencing cameras are heading.

Story by David Danto, Network World

Enterprise videoconferencing has been around in one form or another for decades. The space has been – and continues to be – owned by many diverse silos (facilities, AV, IT, UC) which is one of the key reasons it is still “seeking its potential” all these years later.

While the latest thinking has videoconference room systems playing a much smaller role in the world of Unified Communications (smaller both in importance and the size of the typical room) it is still an essential tool in an organization’s collaboration ecosystem. All of which makes one wonder why the approach to these systems is still so confusing and…well…FUBAR is really the only term to describe it. In this first of a few bogs where I’ll address this space, I’ll focus on the videoconference room camera.

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David Danto has over three decades of experience providing problem solving leadership and innovation in media and UC technologies for various firms including AT&T, Bloomberg LP, and Morgan Stanley. He is currently the Principal Consultant for collaboration, video, and AV disciplines at Dimension Data, as well as IMCCA’s Director of Emerging Technology. Email David at to learn how he can help your organization solve problems, develop a future-proof collaboration strategy for internal use, or develop user-focused go-to-market strategies for your collaboration product or service. The opinions expressed in David’s commentary are his own, and are not representative of Let’s Do Video.

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