September is Education Month at Let’s Do Video


With the start of the school year, September seems like the perfect month to highlight visual collaboration in education.

The education community was quick to embrace visual collaboration and video conferencing technology. K-12, higher education, and even workforce development have been early adapters of this emerging technology. Along with other early adopters (telehealth, gvmt, etc.) they are an important part of the history of videoconferencing, as their early support and feedback has helped to shape what is now the cutting edge of collaboration. Even now they continue to push the boundaries as they help to shape the future of collaboration.

Students today are able to learn from guest lecturers across the globe, share information with their fellow classmates, complete a degree program without setting foot in a classroom – and the list keeps growing. VC tech in education is no longer just a few isolated “feel good” stories about remote learning. There is true innovation going on in this massive community, and the collaboration workflows and preferences of today’s students will be the templates for the business workflows of tomorrow.

Here at Let’s Do Video, this month we plan on showing you how learning institutions are finding new ways to utilize these technologies and providing original content from several education experts in the visual collaboration community. Please check back to see more of what is happening in this exciting field, and you will be able to find all of the education related stories we post by clicking here.


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