Shelter Products, Inc. Improved Communications and Cut Travel Costs with TrueConf VC

Shelter Products, Inc., rated as one of the Top-100 rapidly growing private companies in the USA by Portland Business Journal, has implemented TrueConf Server to hire and train employees and to conduct day-to-day meetings between the company’s offices.

April 21, 2015, Moscow, Russia – Shelter Products, Inc. is a nationwide distributor of lumber, plywood, and building materials to contractors. The company specializes in cost-effective and last-minute shipments to projects as varied as multi-family housing, single family tract housing, commercial buildings, and military housing.

Shelter Products, Inc. has over 100 employees in 5 distributed offices in Portland, Oregon; Dallas, Texas; Bettendorf, Iowa; San Diego, California; and Daphne, Alabama. The company has faced issues with hiring and training their employees in far-flung office locations, and wanted to increase communication between their branch offices. According to Shelter Products executives, they invested a lot of time and money looking for a video conferencing solution that was able to leverage their MPLS network with adequate speed and quality of sound and video. They decided on TrueConf Server, a Russian video conferencing product, after assessing a range of products on the global marketplace.

“After evaluating over 20 products ranging in price from $5000 to over $100,000, we found that TrueConf was the perfect fit for our needs and at far below the cost of the ‘superior’ products,” says Aaron Funk, IT Operations Manager at Shelter Products, Inc.

The TrueConf video conferencing server is deployed in Shelter Products, Inc. headquarters in Oregon. The majority of video conferencing sessions are held in conference rooms, which provides for the best sound and video quality. TrueConf Server has completely resolved all of the company’s communication issues, and helped Shelter Products to save time and money by scheduling one consultancy session and delivering the information in one sitting instead of traveling to each location and delivering the information in separate meetings.

“If you have spent much time looking at video conferencing solutions, you have likely learned very quickly that almost everyone offers a cloud based solution. Most of them are very, very good in a perfect environment, but while you can’t control the reliability and speed of your internet circuit, you can control your own internal network environment,” says Aaron Funk, IT Operations Manager at Shelter Products, Inc. “TrueConf is the only product I’ve seen that leverages your internal network with in-house server capabilities, and brings all the flexibility of cloud and internet connected devices. It is a ‘magic bullet’ solution for our environment at any cost, and as it turned out, its cost was far more reasonable that supposed ‘flagship products’ in the market that don’t give you all TrueConf offers. Pair that with outstanding and prompt, courteous support and I cannot recommend TrueConf highly enough.”

About TrueConf,
TrueConf equips PCs, mobiles and meeting rooms with high quality video conferencing and collaboration solutions. TrueConf apps and solutions are easy to use and are fully compatible with legacy and SIP equipment, meaning that you save money on infrastructure while still utilizing state-of-the art technologies like scalable video coding (SVC) and intelligent stream manipulation.

More than 1500 companies and 3 million customers around the world choose TrueConf to meet their video conferencing needs. TrueConf native client apps are powered by 100% software architecture, and our products are available as both an on-premises solution and as a cloud service for end-customers and partners.

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