ShoreTel Sky Adds Mobile Video Collaboration


Story by Larry Hettick

ShoreTel has launched an update to ShoreTel Sky Mobility portfolio that provides users with mobile-enabled video conferencing. The upgrade, incorporated with ShoreTel Mobility 8, is now available for ShoreTel Sky users. Video collaboration is also supported for customers who use ShoreTel’s premise-based solutions.

ShoreTel Sky Mobility video is supported between iOS and Android smartphones. Tablets using the ShoreTel Sky Mobility Client with single-touch, point-to-point video calling can be controlled from the mobile device keypad. Video calls can be placed over local or remote Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The ability to transition to a video session from an existing voice call is supported, as is returning from a video call to voice call. In addition, the ShoreTel Sky Mobility client includes a “join” button feature for one-touch audio bridge login; the “join” button also works with third-party Web collaboration tools.

ShoreTel Sky Mobility users can make and receive calls from both enterprise and personal cellular numbers while the best network (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or cellular) is automatically selected. ShoreTel provides automatic network handover to maintain call continuity across networks, moving calls to Wi-Fi when available to reduce mobile network costs.

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