Smart Conference Room Technology from Intel Adds New Security and Collaboration Features

Intel Continues To Be the Vanguard for Modernizing the Conference Room for Businesses

June 8, 2016 — New enhancements in the Intel® Unite™ solution give businesses an easy and cost-effective way to transform existing conference rooms into modern and connected meeting spaces.  The  combination of select Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-powered mini PCs and Intel® Unite™ software now offer video playback and audio support, an improved secure guest access plugin, and a native mobile application for the Apple iPad*. These new features continue the march towards a new workplace, increasing overall productivity and producing a 70% faster start to meetings.

Enterprises today are looking for ways to improve collaboration and security in their meeting rooms. Team members are geographically dispersed, often times working on different devices and platforms that are incompatible with one another. Running a meeting under these conditions often result in lost time and productivity.  The Intel Unite solution provides a modern alternative, a fully featured conferencing platform that works across devices, locations and exiting IT setups.

The Intel Unite solution already offers peer-to-peer sharing, wireless connectivity to office devices and a rotating pin for enhanced security. Intel now has additional features that help in the logistics of setting up, accessing and running a meeting.

· Video playback with audio support – Collaboration is now easier with the display of video content with accompanying audio on the Intel Unite solution. This feature is available for in-room participants, and now allows for simple sharing of video and audio files.

· Scheduled meetings – Scheduled meetings integrate PIN scheduling allowing you to book a given room with the Intel Unite solution and create a shortcut URL to the meeting invite, providing a convenient way to include meetings with the Intel Unite solution in invites or to forward along to missed attendees who need to join a meeting using the Intel Unite solution.  Additional integration with Microsoft Exchange* and Outlook* will assist in providing greater enhancement and usability with scheduled meetings.

· Meeting lock – Allows a meeting using the Intel Unite solution to be “locked” preventing additional attendees from joining a given session.  Presenters receive that additional confidence that sensitive content is not being displayed or viewed by unknown participants.

· Intel Unite plug-in for protected guest access – Our guest access plugin is improved. The plugin has been put through stringent security testing and has been extended to rooms with the Intel Unite solution where guests may have a need to present wirelessly without being able to access the corporate network. Hardware-enhanced security powered by Intel® vPro™ technology ensures that all data is 256-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encrypted.

· Apple iPad app – The Intel Unite app is now available for the Apple iPad and can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store*. This app will allow iPad users to connect to a meeting using the Intel Unite solution and view content being presented and annotated.

The Intel Unite solution represents the modern conference room – smart, connected, and easy to use. It’s simply a better way to work.

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