Software: Friend or Foe?


Software is our best friend, but also our worst enemy at times. There are a whole host of issues we can face when meeting, all because of software.

Downloads are required from time to time for various applications, whether it is having to download flash or to load an application. We have become accustomed to it and almost accepted it as part of using services online. However, trends are changing and your expectations should change as well.

Software downloads can deliver substantial issues which you may have experienced first hand or heard about from colleagues and friends. It is good to have an understanding of how meeting downloads are potentially hindering your meeting turn out. Here are our five key points on how browser-based meeting solutions can help you to overcome these issues.

Delayed Meeting Time

Due to the growing global buying processes in the business-to-business (B2B) industry, there is a high likelihood that your company will, from time to time, hold meetings with other organizations. There is no guarantee that the meeting platform the other companies are accustomed to using will be the exact same as your company’s. Thus, there is a possibility that either party will need to download a conferencing software in their system. If the downloading takes place right before the meeting, it will most likely cause the meeting time to be delayed.

Browser-based conferencing systems eliminate the need for downloads. Starting a meeting is instant: all attendees can simply copy/paste the unique team URL in their browser without downloading and not signing up. Everyone can join the meeting as quickly as opening a new tab in their browser. The only thing they need is access to the Internet.

Software Compatibility

The everlasting struggle when trying to collaborate with someone online or share documents is whether they use MAC or Windows. Anything that requires downloading usually creates extra hassle with different software users when trying to find installation guides suitable for each device. Surely each device has its unique benefits.

When utilizing a WebRTC solution you can remove these barriers of entry for your meetings since it doesn’t require any downloading. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about installation packages or plugins to be compatible with different devices. Your guests no longer have an issue with joining a meeting and nor do they require their IT team to pre-approve your solution. What’s more, you can attend a meeting quickly with your phone or tablet! You don’t ever have to miss a meeting just for being stuck at the airport or in traffic.

Updates, Updates, Updates…

“A new version of — is available”. A notification I’m sure no one is happy to receive. Meeting downloads, even for those who have pre-downloaded the meeting software, become a risk for a severe disruption to any web meeting.

When you’re hosting a meeting in a browser, you don’t have to worry about updates or downloading new plugins. Thanks to WebRTC, web meetings are what they were always meant to be: instant.

Losing Contacts

Imagine the following scenario: you have downloaded the right conferencing software, you have added the right participants to your contact list and invited them to join the meeting. Now you can sit back, relax and wait for the meeting time to arrive. Right? Not necessarily.

Have you ever faced an issue of one or more of your contacts unexpectedly disappearing from the contacts list? Or had issues of adding people to your list of contacts? Both of which are undesirable situations and examples of how your meeting time might be delayed.

With WebRTC solutions, it is possible to simply share a URL with the relevant people without having to add them to any kind of a list. If for some reason the attendees haven’t received your invitation you can always re-send it using any channel you wish.

Signing In

With online meetings you usually need a username and a password to sign in to be able to attend a meeting. But what if you aren’t using your regular work laptop or for some reason have forgotten your password? Resetting a password takes additional time from starting a meeting. In some cases you might even need to contact tech support if you’re unable to reset your password.

If you’re using a browser-based meeting platform, you don’t need to worry about the attendees losing their passwords or having trouble to login – there is no need for that! Everyone who has access to the meeting URL and access to a web browser can attend the meeting at any time, anywhere.

Say good-bye to the never-ending issues software downloads may cause to your meeting schedule. Online meetings are an investment of time and time is of the essence. With WebRTC solutions, you can make the most of online meetings.


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