Sony Patents a New VR Telepresence System for Playstation

The system can recognize different emotional states and replicates them on the other end. It allows for better immersion by transferring the head movements of the user and letting him “look around” in real-time.

Story by Mariyan Slavov, Let’s Go Digital

The Playstation moniker has been very successful for Sony in the past 25 years. Playstation 2 still holds the crown for the best selling console in the world with more than 155 million units sold, while PS4 recently overtook the original Playstation and takes 4th place with 102 million units. Given the financial success of the Playstation division, which clearly helps mitigate the losses from other parts of Sony’s business, the pressure on the next generation Playstation console is as hard as ever.

At the end of August LetsGoDigital scooped a very interesting design patent filing, which later on turned out to be the real Sony Playstation 5 Dev Kit, confirmed by some leaked footage. We don’t know if the consumer version will look nearly as bold as this one, but it’s clear that Sony is pushing hard to keep the top spot on the console market. Last month the Japanese company filed another interesting patent for a 3D holographic display, that could potentially allow users to play 3D games without 3D glasses. And now we have another find, that could potentially be used in the upcoming Playstation 5 console.

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