South Carolina Telehealth Alliance Overcomes Challenges in Unified Directory Platform with Seevia


April 23, 2017, Charleston, SC and Maloy, Norway, – South Carolina Telehealth Alliance (SCTA) is in the process of implementing Seevia directory services in video conferencing systems across hospitals throughout South Carolina. SCTA began on-boarding the service in late 2016, and hasn’t looked back. The alliance is a model of forward-thinking health services, and they achieve this through both compassion for people, and innovation in technology; the latter of which lead them to Seevia.

Many people have unsurmountable obstacles in receiving healthcare – anything from proximity to doctors, lack of applicable healthcare coverage, inability to take time away from work or family during doctor’s hours of operation, and so on. SCTA combats many of these challenges with the use of video conferencing technology. Physicians can securely connect face to face with patients and partners anywhere in the state. Without having to travel to doctor’s offices, patients can see and be treated in just the time it takes to actually meet with a doctor, without expending additional time and resources to get there.

Across the pond, Norwegian-based company Seevia, provides a directory service that simplifies the use of video conferencing. Featuring automated syncs, an intuitive UI, and customizable security, users can start any meeting with ease. Seevia’s flexible API enables directories to integrate on different standards and technologies including; endpoints, smart devices, browsers, and various clients including Skype for Business. The two companies are a continent away but share foundational goals – they both strive to connect people.

How does Seevia bring value to the SCTA? Finding contact information across any large organization is difficult, trying to do across 27 different organizations and their individual directory systems is nearly impossible. Countless video meetings start late while participants scramble for login information, PINs, etc. Enter Seevia.

“For years SCTA were unable to find a solution to enable all parties to easily find the contact they are searching for”, says Michael Haschkner, technology program director of Medical University of South Carolina, a STCA alliance member. “The best part about implementing Seevia into the daily workflow at the alliance is that it just works. We don’t have the time or resources to be chasing down contacts or updating an ever-changing directory.”

Jørn Mikalsen, CEO and founder of Seevia is pleased to assist STCA with their telepresence operations, and is excited about Seevia gaining traction in the United States. “We are delighted when we can work with partners of the likes of SCTA. They are forward thinking and care deeply about changing how healthcare is done across the globe. Our goal is to make their operations efficient so they can concentrate on their important work with patients.”


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