Survey Shows Remote Workers May Be More Productive Than You Think


Story by Don Tennant

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your remote workers are goofing off way too much? According to the findings of a recent survey, you can relax—remote workers tend to be more productive than they typically get credit for being. In fact, the survey found that 77 percent of workers reported that they’re more productive when working remotely.

The survey, dubbed the “Remote Collaborative Worker Survey,” was fielded by ConnectSolutions, a provider of unified communications as a service in San Francisco. I had the opportunity to discuss the survey findings with ConnectSolutions CEO Michael Fitzpatrick, and I mentioned to him that it seems only natural to me that remote workers would self-report being more productive when working remotely. So I asked him what led him  to conclude that the 77 percent figure is a meaningful statistic.

“I think it’s a very important stat, because it contradicts the myth that remote workers aren’t working as hard as those who work on-premises,” Fitzpatrick said. “On top of being more productive with their time, nearly a quarter of remote workers are even willing to work longer hours, suggesting people who work remotely often feel a greater need to perform, which is something we’re hearing from employers, as well.”

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