Synergy SKY Announces Improved Integration for Skype For Business and Video Conferencing Meetings


November 18th, 2016, Oslo – Synergy SKY announces Synergy SKY Meeting Server, enabling One Button To Push for Video Conferencing systems participating in Skype for Business scheduled meetings.

“Everybody loves intuitive green and red buttons.”

New technologies have made it possible for enterprise collaboration solutions to work seamlessly together. Today it is natural for Skype for Business (S4B) users and Video Conferencing users to participate and join meetings, with high-quality video, audio and content sharing.

“But it is still not 100% intuitive for the end users”, said Ståle Reitan, CEO of Synergy SKY. “Joining a meeting using S4B is easy, but the traditional Video Conference user has to dial the meeting address from a video touch pad or a remote control. The address may not even be possible to dial from an endpoint if the meeting is hosted in Office365 (S4B Online). Automating the connection process will therefore be of great value to organizations.”

Synergy SKY now announces the Synergy SKY Meeting Server for Enterprises, that solves this issue.

Synergy SKY Meeting Server automatically connects Video Conferencing systems to S4B meetings using One Button To Push (OBTP). The end user simply schedules a “New Skype Meeting” in Outlook and adds the required Video Conferencing systems. The Synergy SKY Meeting Server will then manage the connection and bring the OBTP information to the video conferencing endpoint.

“No risk for typing errors and all meetings starts on time”, said Hans Kalderin, Global Sales Director at Synergy SKY. “Just push the green button to join.”

Synergy SKY Meeting Server is shipped as an appliance with an intuitive setup wizard that enables quick deployment.

The solution supports on-premises installations of Microsoft S4B and Exchange as well as Office 365.

Synergy SKY Meeting Server is designed for companies of all sizes that have invested in infrastructure for video conferencing or have video conferencing services delivered from a cloud.

“This solution fills a gap in the market”, said Ståle Reitan.

Synergy SKY Meeting Server is the second application announced in the Synergy SKY Enterprise Edition product line. The Synergy SKY Analytics Server which was released in October, included comprehensive reporting and analytics functions for S4B and Video Conferencing environments.

Media Contact: Eivind Larsen, Synergy SKY, +47 464 25 768,

About Synergy SKY

Synergy SKY develops and markets a multi-vendor, multi-tenant platform designed to take obstacles out of the service provider’s video conferencing offerings by simplifying the management, reporting, analytics, mass provisioning, scheduling, billing and conference management. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, and New York, USA.


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