Synergy SKY Further Enables Global Unified Communications Through Customized Branding


February 2, 2015, Mumbai, India and Oslo, Norway – Synergy SKY, developer of comprehensive multi-vendor, multi-tenant, multi-tiered management solutions for unified communications, has integrated its monitoring tools into Tata Communications’ jamvee™ platform – a next generation Unified Communications platform.

The Synergy SKY solution provides provisioning of clients and virtual meeting rooms, monitoring and reporting to ensure resources are used in the optimal way. Afterwards, Synergy SKY also creates reports on usage data such as the number of participants and the quality of the call. Detailed call data is automatically passed on to the billing module, making it possible to invoice directly and accurately according to usage. User interfaces and virtual meeting rooms can easily be branded according to individual resellers’ and customers’ preferences.

“It has been very interesting and exciting for us to work with Tata Communications’ UCC engineering team, to support administration and management capability on a world leading, carrier-grade, cloud conferencing platform. Throughout the project we have experienced firsthand how well our solution integrates with other third-party components, including their OSS and BSS platforms. I am very proud of the outcome,” said Ståle Reitan, CEO of Synergy SKY.

“We are pleased to see the next generation of Tata Communications’ jamvee™ platform, providing a virtually unlimited pool of audio and video resources to both end user organizations and Tata Communications’ reseller service provider partners. It is not an insignificant task to manage the complexities of this global, multi-tier, multi-tenant and multi-vendor platform. Synergy SKY’s multi-tenant architecture and multi-vendor support is a perfect partner for Tata Communications,” said Andrew W. Davis, Sr. Partner and co-founder of Wainhouse Research.

The contract value depends on usage and is not communicated.

For more information, please contact: Ståle Reitan, CEO of Synergy SKY,

Jamvee™ is a trademark of Tata Communications Limited.

About Synergy SKY
Synergy SKY develops and markets a multi-vendor, multi-tenant platform designed to take obstacles out of the service provider’s video conferencing offerings by simplifying the management, reporting, analytics, mass provisioning, scheduling, billing and conference management. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, and New York, USA.

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