Telemedicine Company eVisit Raises $1M Seed Round

Telehealth Startup Hits $1 Million Fundraising Goal in Less than a Year

July 28, 2015, Phoenix, AZ – eVisit, a physician-first telehealth software company based in Phoenix, AZ, has successfully filled their $1 million Seed Round of fundraising in under 7 months. Offering a telehealth solution that allows healthcare providers to treat their patients remotely via an online, secure, video chat platform, eVisit is quickly becoming a premier healthtech startup. The company has grown to 13 employees in just the last 6 months and was recently named a finalist in the Arizona Innovation Challenge.

“How quickly we were able to attract capital says a lot about how our team has executed on the vision of eVisit,” says Bret Larsen, eVisit Co-founder and CEO. “I’ve consulted and been a part of many other startups. Being able to attract $1 million in funding in 7 short months is an incredible testament to our team and product.”

In the fast-growing field of telemedicine, eVisit continues to stand out as a disruptor to the platform and care model typical of the telehealth industry. Combining the expertise from leaders in the tech, medical, and business fields, the eVisit platform takes the best of user-design from the tech field and combines it with first-hand knowledge of physicians’ workflows. It’s the only physician-first solution on the market.

“One of the reasons I think we were able to complete our funding round so quickly was the interest we were seeing from doctors,” says eVisit co-founder, Dr. Glen McCracken. “Many people within and outside the healthcare field realize we need to change something to make care delivery simpler for both providers and patients. We’re offering a solution that does just that, while reinforcing the doctor-patient relationship.”

Key investors of eVisit include Alan Ram, Founder of Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions, Chris Reap, Investor at Northstar Capital, LLC, and Sam Blackham, an SaaS Advisor and Investor.

“I saw eVisit’s strength the first time I met the team and saw the technology perform flawlessly,” says Ram. “The eVisit team has not only created a no-brainer solution for medical professionals, but the patients they serve. This is telemedicine taken to a whole new level!”

eVisit plans to use funding from their seed round to continue to enhance their telemedicine platform, as well as ramp up sales and marketing efforts. With this financial support, the company is on track as the leading provider of telemedicine software made by physicians, for physicians.

About eVisit

eVisit is an innovative telehealth software company with the mission of fundamentally simplifying healthcare. The eVisit telemedicine platform allows healthcare providers to connect and treat their patients remotely, through high-res, secure, two-way video chat. Now accessible online and via mobile app.

As a physician-first company, our software is designed by physicians, for physicians. Our telemedicine platform is intuitive, requires minimal training, and is the only solution that facilitates telemedicine reimbursement for providers from third party payers. With eVisit, physicians optimize patient flow and boost practice revenue, and patients receive high-quality care while at work, home, or on the road, from the doctor that knows them best.



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