Telepresence Device to Transform Clinician Communication Before & During Surgery


September 15, 2014 – KARL STORZ has introduced a new product to the UK market that is set to transform the way clinicians communicate and share vital medical information before and during surgery.

VISITOR1® is an internet-based telementoring and telepresence device that makes it easy for surgeons to connect remotely to the point of care.

By creating a two-way, interactive, audiovisual experience, it enables full involvement with clinical processes and access to patient data and medical imaging via the two components of the VISITOR1® solution:

  1. A notebook or iPad running KARL STORZ’s ControlStation software (that can also be connected to a projector if required);
  2. The medical grade mobile unit or cart.

Whether used for consultation before surgery, remote participation and guidance during surgery, or for education and training post-surgery, VISITOR1® allows a clinical team made up of experts thousands of miles apart to work together to ensure the best possible outcome.

In the UK, VISITOR1® has already been trialled successfully at Ipswich Hospital when, during his visit to the European Institute of Telesurgery in Strasbourg, the French President, M. Hollande, was shown images of keyhole gallbladder surgery beamed live from the operating theatre in Ipswich.



  • Using the Surgeon ControlStation, a surgeon from anywhere in the world can robotically control the VISITOR1® mobile device within the surgical environment, and use the integrated laser pointer to actively participate in any surgical procedure.


  • Using industry-standard tools, the Internet and VISITOR1® technology, secure encrypted real-time audio and video communication offers simple click-to-connect technology and facilitates anytime, anywhere care.


  • VISITOR1® can connect worldwide by beaming into any theatre or room for education and consultation. Picture/video capture and sharing provides complete surgeon-to-surgeon synchronisation.


  • The mobile unit or cart means that VISITOR1® can be quickly and easily moved to any theatre or room in the hospital. The integrated battery enables remote presence without a direct connection to a power outlet.

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