Telepresence Sharing – The Next Big Innovation in Google Search #future


Story by Joydeep Bhattacharya

Forget about the days when you are only given an option to search information from a database of people and places stored in Google’s server. How about exploring places and events in real time? Does this sound interesting?

With Telepresence sharing, you can control Google’s mobile robots that can capture real time video footage of popular buildings, places, events and send the video data into your mobile device directly. Amit Singhal’s Star Treck (see tweet below) is coming to a reality. In future, you can command Google using Google Now and make use of telepresence robots to access any location of your choice and get real time feed whenever needed.

Let me give you another example. Suppose you wish to capture the live news feed of the next Barack Obama’s speech but are unable to reach the venue physically. No problem, with the help of remote vehicles, Google can catch the live presentation and get that data feed live on your mobile device. Real time search of news, events and places will just get better when Google starts using remote devices for Telepresence sharing.


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