TeleTrip Launches Virtual Travel Experience on Kickstarter, Allowing Users to Explore the World Remotely in Real-Time

TeleTrip enables virtual travel, empowering anyone to experience exciting destinations through the eyes of a telepresence robot, without leaving their homes. Virtual travel is ideal for those with accessibility, time or budget restraints, and it helps tourist destinations increase their patronage by offering people from around the world remote access via TeleTrip’s technology.

September 9, 2015, New York, NY – TeleTrip, the world’s first virtual travel company, today launched its Robotic Virtual Travel experience on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. TeleTrip is a network of robotic devices around the globe that users can control.

TeleTrip allows people to explore attractions all over the world using telepresence robots. The first tours will be available at popular destinations and exclusive events in New York City. The company aims to expand quickly into unique and exciting places globally so users can tour foreign cities, attend remote events and conferences, explore museums and art galleries, and even get personal tours from TeleTrip hosts across the planet.

Beyond just a remote video experience, TeleTrip allows viewers to move around, pan, tilt, view and hear everything in each location. It’s a one-to-one experience so Virtual travelers can interact with the their surroundings and talk to the people who are there as well.

TeleTrip devices are currently located at tourist sites in New York City, like Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park, with locations being added daily including museums, boutique stores (for fashion lovers and remote shoppers) and art galleries. The kickstarter campaign allows people to buy credits so they can get early access to the site and book remote tours to explore the world.

“We want to give anyone, living anywhere, no matter what their circumstances, access to explore and experience amazing places around the world,” said Brian Maxwell, travel enthusiast and founder of TeleTrip. “The possibilities are endless – imagine a grandmother who cannot travel having the opportunity to share the experience virtually with her grandkids while they explore Central Park. Or a child in China who can now explore Times Square in real time with the click of a button.”

The founder, Brian Maxwell is an entrepreneur and travel enthusiast with a strong interest in robotics so TeleTrip was a perfect extension of his experience.

“This launch is just the beginning,” said Maxwell. “We’re keen to learn from our users on how to grow and where to expand. Supporters on kickstarter get to tell us where they want to explore and we’re going to work extra hard to make sure the most popular locations are added to the TeleTrip Network. We also want to expand the type of robots people can control, to include aerial drones and underwater ROVs. Maybe one day we can even put one into space,” added Maxwell.

Early Kickstarter supporters who buy credits can drive TeleTrip devices around global locations and become part of TeleTrip’s Priority Passport group which includes early access to new locations and exclusive events. These pre-purchased credits can be used to control TeleTrip robots on

The company is also looking to work with great locations across the planet that want to open their space up to a worldwide audience. There are TeleTrip opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals as well who can earn money by hosting a Teletrip device as a virtual tour guide. A signup page on will be available during the campaign.

For more information visit TeleTrip on Kickstarter.

About TeleTrip
TeleTrip is the world’s first virtual travel company. TeleTrip lets people explore cool places all over the world with telepresence robots. Their mission is to give everyone the opportunity to travel the globe.


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