Temasys Unveils WebRTC Platform Running on AWS


Story by Michael Vizard

Temasys has formally launched Skylink, a platform running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes it simpler to build WebRTC applications that can run inside almost any browser.

In addition to providing support for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers, Temasys CEO Chip Wilcox says the company has developed WebRTC plug-ins for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari browsers. While the industry as a whole is waiting to see how Microsoft and Apple will support WebRTC, Wilcox notes that both companies are very active on WebRTC standards committees.

In the meantime, Microsoft has announced support for WebRTC inside Skype using the ORTC API for WebRTC, while Cisco just unveiled a Project Squared application that also supports WebRTC.

To help WebRTC gain additional momentum, Wilcox says Skylink removes all the capital investment requirements associated with building WebRTC applications by allowing organizations to make use of AWS cloud services that can be paid for on a usage basis. As a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment for building WebRTC applications, Wilcox says Skylink also provides the encryption capabilities needed to secure those WebRTC applications.

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