The Case for Making UC Mobile


Story by John Arnold

I’ve been writing about out of the box thinking around UC for some time now, and this theme is only limited by one’s imagination. This type of thinking can take many forms, and that’s the point here. I’m happy to provide a variety of examples to stoke your thinking, but by no means do I have all the answers. My UC research is pretty far-ranging, but it will never be definitive. Hopefully, you will view my analysis as a springboard for other explorations, as I’ll never understand the particular needs of your business the way you do.

Take my last post, for example. The focus there was on making UC fun, which at face value does not sound very business-like. Given how widely-read that post was – and remains – this approach to UC clearly resonates with our readers. That, of course, is the point of this out of the box series. I want to provide accessible examples, but I’d much rather you see this as a provocative call to action, where you take things to another level and make UC truly integral.

When I say truly, by the way, I don’t just mean as a technology solution that plays nice with your current infrastructure. That’s great to have, but I’m reaching for things that are integral to how you do things, how employees become more productive, how teams perform at a higher level, etc. When you roll all of that together, I’m really talking about your culture. Organizational culture gets at the heart – and soul – of how a business functions, and in short, the easier it is for people to communicate, the better they will do their jobs.

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