The Flexible Millennial


Story by Emily Shimell
I am a homeworker. Since graduating, this is all I have ever known. I didn’t learn how to do it, I didn’t have to write a report on the value of me working from here over working at the office hot desk… it was the only choice. I wanted to live in Bristol, and VideoCentric is based in Reading. Neither of us was going to move, but I was (hopefully) the right person for the job. So the birth of VideoCentric’s remote workforce began.

To be honest, I began by thinking it was never going to work. I was not going to be able to hack it, or get out of bed, or keep focused on writing a whitepaper when the whole world was at my finger tips – and not a single person looking over my shoulder. Pretty much the dream of any teenager thinking about how they are ever going to prevent getting themselves into what they have been convinced is a downward 9 til 5 spiral, when all they see of their future isn’t any more exciting than sitting in a hot, noisy office, number crunching, with a pile of paperwork in one hand and their forehead planted in the other.

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