The Future of Work: Temporary and Co-Working Spaces


Story by Henry Dewing

Real estate developers will have to watch tenants and how they collaborate and innovate and see if technology can make it as good (or even better) than having them in the office.

Just because “work is something we do,” doesn’t mean it’s not nice to have some place to go and do it occasionally. With the rise of mobile and distributed work teams, a lot of press has been dedicated to the “Coffice” – the coffee shop-office where road warriors go to connect, catch up, and restart their work processes while on the road.

I believe that in the future this will be the consumer version. You might stop at the coffice between soccer games during your teenager’s out-of-town tournament, but real road warriors will be using co-work spaces – dedicated professional work spaces with guaranteed facilities and a more business-like atmosphere.

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