The hardware supercharging video conferencing


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Video conferencing is here to stay, so how can you make sure your setup is the best it can be?

The last few years have seen incredible changes in many parts of our everyday lives, not least in how we work, with hybrid working split across multiple locations now commonplace for many businesses.

Video conferencing has also now undoubtedly become part of our working lives, with a good webcam, microphone or headset among the most vital hardware we own. But now we all (hopefully) know how to start a video call and carry on without realising we’re on mute, what are the next steps for making sure we use the technology to its fullest at work?

One of the best things about the current big players in the video conferencing space is just how straightforward many of the main tools are to use.

Whether it’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or any other offering, with just a few clicks you can be all set up and talking to colleagues, co-workers or family.

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