The Internet of Things – Converged, Connected and Highly Vulnerable


Story by Corey Moss

When we think of convergence, we of course refer to how the industry’s two realms of technology potentially merge together to create seamless system implementation where all components, potentially including devices, form reliable AV/IT integration whether on-premise, in the cloud, or both.

However, questions continue to arise about the convergence and if it indeed has arrived. It seems that the premise of convergence continues to come into question where when asked if it does exist as a given, answers span from yes to not at all. Ask any manufacturer, integrator, consultant or journalist and I’m sure you’ll receive both answers, and everything in between.

Why do I bring this up in a blog about the Internet of Things? Possibly because it may have finally been determined, in a newer realm of technology just how convergence can happen seamlessly and more important, reliably.

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