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Story by Michelle Burbick

In Guy Clinch’s latest No Jitter podcast, Vidyo marketing head Joan Vandermate explores how video is extending far beyond the traditional conference and into hospital bedside systems, kiosks, and wearables.

In his latest podcast on No Jitter, Guy Clinch chats with Joan Vandermate, vice president of marketing for Vidyo. The interview in its entirety is worth a listen, as the two discussed a number of interesting topics, including the company’s take on WebRTC and a preview of Vidyo’s plans for next month’s Enterprise Connect Orlando. The most interesting thing I took away from the podcast, however, is how Vidyo is using video beyond traditional conferencing.

Extending Video
As No Jitter managing editor Beth Schultz wrote recently, even though conference room video endpoint sales have been flat, persistent employee use of conferencing rooms have encouraged vendors to continue improving their solutions. During the podcast, Vandermate acknowledged the flat market and noted that while traditional video conferencing use remains a focus for Vidyo, the company has been hard at work pursuing all sorts of use cases for video, particularly in the healthcare and finance verticals.

“We had a very solid growth year. The traditional video conferencing market as a whole is in sort of flat- to-single digit, slow-to-no growth,” Vandermate said. “We actually saw very, very strong growth year over year, mainly attributable to these new types of applications — things like our partnership with Phillips for EICU systems and with GetWellNetwork. So we’re seeing a lot of growth in new areas of business; that’s not to say we aren’t seeing growth in the traditional video conferencing space, but really the place we’re seeing just phenomenal growth is some of these new applications.”

So what type of new applications are we talking about here?

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