The New Normal: Sir Richard Branson Champions Telemedicine


Story by The Future of Healthcare

Mediaplanet: Why do you believe that telemedicine is the future of healthcare?

Sir Richard Branson: Being smarter with data and technology will improve healthcare: doctors will be able to provide better care and patients can receive faster treatment, all at a lower cost to the industry.

MP: How does telemedicine improve quality of life for patients?

SRB: Some people have trouble leaving the house and others live miles from a specialist. It can take hours to travel to a physician’s office, sit in their waiting room, and travel back home. With telemedicine you can see a physician immediately, without leaving home when you’re sick.

MP: What benefits does telemedicine offer to physicians?

SRB: Physicians can spend their time treating patients, not filling out paperwork, and grow their practice reaching more patients while saving time and money from travelling between clinics and hospitals.

MP: What made you want to get involved in the telemedicine industry?

SRB: Good health is crucial to living a happy life and everyone should be able to access medical treatment or a doctor. Telemedicine gives patients access to faster, more cost-effective treatment and improves the industry’s efficiency.

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