The Potholes in Net Neutrality’s Fast and Slow Lanes


Story by Simon Dudley

It’s a simple problem to understand, really. Less capacity across networks means less use of technology that demands that capacity.

The FCC’s comment deadline on Net Neutrality wrapped up on July 18, with a deadline of September 10 for responses. If you’re interested at all in technology innovation, this controversial topic demands your attention.

Let’s be clear: This isn’t about “fast lanes” and “slow lanes” on the Internet. Net neutrality opponents could throw some real potholes in the way of effective video conferencing, unified communications and collaboration. They’re doing that by throwing money at redefining an open Internet.

A report by the Sunlight Foundation showed that from 2005-2013, opponents of net neutrality consistently outspent supporters. From 2012-2013, the deepest pockets in the game were the National Cable & Telecommunications Association ($18.89 million), AT&T ($17.46 million), Verizon ($15.02 million) and Comcast ($14.68 million). That’s just shy of three times what pro-neutrality companies spent in the same period.

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